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Policy Limits Settlement in Rear-End Collision

Written by James J. Kirshbaum.
Case Study

Joan was driving her vehicle when she approached emergency vehicles along the side of the highway. As she slowed for the emergency vehicles she was struck from behind by another driver.

MRI scans of Joan’s back showed she had sustained herniations to several disks in her low back and neck. Her doctor opined that there were restrictions being placed upon her, and that the injuries are permanent of “30-50% as quality of life is reduced and employment is limited”. She has since undergone decompression surgery to her low back and has also undergone injection therapy following the surgery.

The liability portion of the claim was settled for the $100,000 policy limit and the underinsured motorist claim was settled for an additional $200,000 for total compensation received for injuries sustained of $300,000.

James J. Kirshbaum

Written By James J. Kirshbaum

Jim is a very experienced trial lawyer having conducted jury trials in multiple states both on behalf of injured people and on behalf of defending insurance companies.

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