Accidents Involving Minors
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As parents, it’s our instinct to ensure our children’s protection. We wipe away every tear, hold hands when crossing the road, and fasten their seatbelts every single time.

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We know that we are responsible for keeping them safe. Unfortunately, it’s other’s actions that often lead to accidents involving minors.

Despite our care, minors may get hurt.

The leading cause of death in children over one year of age is trauma. Each year, more than 6,000 children die as a result of accidental injuries. More than 14,000,000 children experience injuries each year due to someone else’s negligence.

Our experienced injury attorneys have successfully dealt with hundreds of accidents involving minors. From swimming pools injuries and recreational games to car accidents, we have handled many types of cases. Our team understands that the emotional, physical, and financial losses resulting from your child’s injuries can be as devastating as they are unexpected.

The cause of an accident determines whether you’re eligible for a case. Defective products, including faulty car seats, strollers and cribs, flammable infant clothing, and dangerous toys are common causes of injury to children. Car accidents are also a frequent cause of injuries to children. Misdiagnosis of an illness or negligent treatment of an illness are examples of medical malpractice that can cause injury to children.

At Kirshbaum Injury Law, we are aware that children are the most valuable thing we can ever have. They are the trustees of our dreams, hopes and aspirations. The death or serious injury of a child affects not only the current and future living conditions of the child, but also those of the people around him. If your child was injured in an accident caused by the negligence or fault of a third party, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Following are some of the most common types of accidents involving minors that lead to child injury lawsuits:

  • Accidents Car Accidents
  • School accidents
  • Animal Bites
  • Falls
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Poisoning
  • Recreational Play
  • Defective toys

When the medical treatment of an injured child has been completed and it has been established that serious health problems will remain for life, the fear of parents takes on a new dimension: Will our child ever be able to graduate from school? Will she be able to complete vocational training or a earn degree? Will they be able to live their life without help?

Time and again parents of injured children tell us about their concern that their child will one day have to live forever in a disabled facility because they can no longer provide the care themselves at home. A bad nightmare is a fear that the child will become a social case.

We see your fears as parents! We understand the child accident as an event with many victims: parents, siblings and grandparents are all victims of this accident at the same time. With a lot of empathy – even as parents of several children – we understand what an accident can do to the whole family. We give you, your family and of course the injured child professional claims handling and the security that your injured child will receive just compensation.

If your child has sustained an injury, trust the experienced legal team at Kirshbaum Injury Law to help to get the child’s and the family’s lives back on track.

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